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Learn the inspiring of story of the Apostolic Christian Church's founding in Europe, through the work of Samuel Froehlich, a former state church pastor who experienced true salvation, and shared it with others. 



In October, 1962, the first Apostolic Christian worship service was held in the twin city area of Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota. The first series of meetings were held in the homes of believers and friends of the truth.  Among the families either attending or hosting these first church meetings were Arnold and Marjorie Gerst (he later became a minister at Chicago, Illinois, on April 21, 1968, and in 1982 moved Taylor, Missouri), Richard and Beatrice Miller, Everett and Kathryn Olson, and Linus and Esther Lienemann.

For the first three years, ministers from congregations at Morris and Winthrop, Minnesota, and Lester and West Bend, Iowa journeyed to Minneapolis on a rotating basis to lead the small group in worship.  In September, 1965, Noah Miller, a minister at Winthrop since 1955, moved to Minneapolis to serve the church as minister. A farmer with deep roots in Winthrop, he unselfishly availed himself to answer the call to preach regularly at Minneapolis and to nurture the permanence of the new congregation.

In February, 1963, church services were moved from the various homes of believers to the Longfellow Avenue Y.M.C.A. located at the intersection of Longfellow Avenue and Lake Street.  On December 9, 1969, a church building was purchased from the Apostolic Lutheran Church denomination (one of five denominations that use this name) at 112 West 43rd Street in Minneapolis. This church, located in the south central part of the city, cost approximately $21,000. It was remodeled for $30,000 with many brethren donating labor and assistance.

First services in the “new” church were held Sunday, May 17, 1970. Dedication services were held August 30, 1970, with Elder Noah Schrock, Oakville, Iowa, preaching. Ken Lawson was added to the ministry and later moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In December, 1980, Donald Miller, forty-six, joined his father Noah as minister.

Paul Fehr, Elder at Morris, Minnesota, had the oversight of the twin city church for several years. In 1979, Harold Messner, the elder at Winthrop, Minnesota, assumed the duties of counseling Elder. In the early 1980’s average attendance was around fifty persons each Sunday, andmembership ranged in the high twenties.

In 1984, Kent Mogler was added to the ministry and in the next 18 months, Noah Miller retired and Ken Lawson returned to Minneapolis and to the pulpit.

By the late 1980s church attendance had doubled in size outgrowing the building and making parking around it difficult.  Land was purchased in Mendota, Minnesota for a new building.  With a lot of volunteer labor the church was completed by 1988 with the dedication service held in September.

There were several changes in the ministry over the next two decades.  Ken Lawson and his family moved to Phoenix, and Dewayne Dill was added to the ministry in 1993.  In 2001, Duane Rocke was added to the ministry, and later asked to serve as a local elder.

Church membership has grown slightly to between 40-45, with approximately 30 children in Sunday School and a regular attendance of about 80.


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