Bible Reading Plan

As a church, we are reading through the new testament in a year. This serves several purposes:

  • Encourage individual time in the Word of God
  • Foster discussion because we are all reading the same thing.
  • Gain a better understanding of the big picture of the new testament by reading the books in a different order.

The books of the new testament have been grouped and ordered intentionally. This ordering is taken from The Books of the Bible published by Zondervan.

  1. Books related Paul  
    • Luke and Acts are the first two books in the plan. They are two volumes of narrative written by Luke about the life of Jesus and the church that sprang up afterward. Luke was heavily influenced by the apostle Paul since he traveled with him.
    • Next follow all of Paul's letters in order that Biblical scholarship has determined they were written.
  2. Books to Jews  
    • In this group comes Matthew's gospel. The author has a rich knowledge of Jewish scriptures and how Jesus fulfilled them.
    • The next book is Hebrews. While the author is unknown, the language indicates that the author knew the Jewish scriptures really well and assumed that his audience did as well.
    • James is not a letter like one from Peter, Paul, or John. Rather, it is wisdom literature like Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job. It would have been a letter that circulated among the churches.
  3. Books related to Peter  
    • The first book in this group is Mark. Mark's gospel seems to tell the story of Jesus from Peter's perspective.
    • Next is the apostle Peter's letters.
    • Jude is also included since his letter is similar to II Peter.
  4. Books related to John  
    • Finally comes John's gospel.
    • John's three letters follow his gospel.
  5. Apocalypse  
    • Revelation stands by itself because it is a unique type of a literature called apocalypse. It fortells the second coming of Christ. Similar literature can be found in a few of the prophets in the old testament.

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