About Us

Our local Minneapolis Apostolic Christian Church is a fundamental Bible believing church that is thankful to be closely affiliated with 90 similar churches across the United States, several additional in Japan and Mexico, a number of churches in Eastern Europe, and the Rural Gospel Mission in India. Our denomination seeks to instruct and follow the teaching of Jesus and the Apostles as outlined in the Bible. If you would like to learn more about our denomination you can visit our website.

Locally, we are a church compromised of about 60-90 on a typical Sunday, including 45 members and 25 children. The attendees come from local and surrounding communities, including St. Cloud and Rochester, for weekly worship, teaching, support, and fellowship. Several of the families have come from neighboring and out-of-state congregations in an effort help establish the church. Today, it is made up of a wide range of ages and backgrounds but a common desire to live the Bible and share it with others that would have interest. Being bound together in the love of Christ, we enjoy a closeness and accountability that is helpful in our Spiritual walk of life and we trust would be to any that choose to join us.

The church is served entirely through volunteer efforts including the trustees, the ministry, the Sunday School teachers, and all relief ministries. This has provided for an engaged church and funds available for use in outreach and humanitarian aid locally and abroad. Most of the local attendees are engaged in specific areas of the local church, their communities and/or our church’s national mission efforts in one form or another.

We are thankful to have experienced the love of God in providing Jesus as a covering for our sin. Having experienced such great love, we desire to reflect it to a lost society around us.

Apostolic Christian Church


Apostolic Christian Church
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Apostolic Christian Church
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